Letterland Online Teachers’ Workshop

Teaching Young Learners EFL -

Facing Current Challenges

February 7 (Sunday)

15:00 – 18:00 (Moscow Time,GMT+3)

About the event
We invite you to join our online workshop with English language teachers from Russia and other countries who are involved with teaching Young Learners.

This session will cover the practical issues that EFL teachers of Young Learners are facing in today’s challenging world:

  • Motivating children to want to learn English as a foreign language
  • Developing children’s skills as they start to read
  • Teaching a foreign language to children with learning difficulties
  • Hybrid teaching – combining remote (online) teaching and teaching in class
  • Keeping learning fun

You are welcome to question our speakers during the session or do let us know in advance if there are issues you’d like to be addressed.

Lesley White
United Kingdom
Director of training at Letterland International, for many years has been working closely with Letterland’s originator, Lyn Wendon. Lesley leads Letterland’s team of international trainers and has conducted many training sessions and meetings both in person and online with teachers around the world including Europe, America, the Middle East, Asia and Africa.
Olga Lavernova
An English teacher with 20+ years classroom experience, Olga holds PhD in Philology, CAE, TKT certificates. Olga is also an organizer of online conferences for teachers, Center OLYMPUS SUCCESS (Voronezh) as well as the founder of the ABCLand Language Club, Olga has been a Letterland teacher since 2017.
Olesya Zenchenko
Mirny, Republic of Sakha-Yakutia
An English teacher with 15 years classroom experience The founder of «Умная сова» educational center in Mirny. Olesya has been a Letterland teacher since 2017 and since then taught with this program more than 300 children. In 2020-2021 school year there are 160 Letterland students in Olesya’s private language centre.
Ksenia Moskoveckaya
An English teacher with 10+ years classroom experience. MEd in Education (History), PsyS (specialist in Psychology).
The founder of «Universeforkids» education center 2013-2017 in Moscow. Ksenia has been a Letterland teacher since 2013. Currently works in the city of Tyumen in the preschool education system (public and private kindergartens) and runs her blog on teaching young learners English.
Oksana Yaverbaum
Oksana first learned teaching with Letterland in 1995 as a young teacher at the South African primary school. Now an approved Letterland representative & teacher trainer for Russia, she runs workshops and teachers’ conferences in Moscow, offers online courses for teachers and parents and is pleased to host this session.
Lesley White

Storytelling as a teaching method is at the heart of Letterland

Storytelling with Letterland expands from the passive role of children listening to stories and absorbing what they hear about the characters (A) to becoming more actively involved by discussing and describing the images they see (V) and then including movement and drama (K) to provide a multi-sensory VAK approach. Letterland’s story logic draws on the children’s thinking skills and imagination to encourage them to remember spelling patterns using phonic fables.
Olga Lavernova
Children with learning difficulties may succeed in a multi-sensory EFL class
Teaching EFL to young children who have difficulties reading, whatever their educational needs, builds from the multi-sensory approach that comes with the interactive storytelling. The presentation will show how Letterland teaching strategies based on neuropsychology ensure that every child succeeds.

Olesya Zenchenko


Ksenia Moskoveckaya (Tyumen)

How I teach with Letterland – practical teacher cases
Oksana Yaverbaum
How we make teaching Young Learners EFL remotely (online) effective
Letterland’s use of characters to transfer abstract alphabet shapes into human-like figures taps into a wide range of attention-holding strategies which help capture children’s imagination and motivate their learning. Our teachers have proved that this works both in classroom settings and using online resources. However remote teaching is different from teaching in a classroom and offers challenges which we will talk about and suggest practical solutions for online teaching.

Registration is required to participate in the event

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